Premium Custom Painted Baits

Premium Custom Painted Baits are the premier line of baits offered by Clyde's  Cranks. These baits are custom painted by Bob Waldo using multiple layers of paint, detailed stencil patterns, and a premium clear coat for durability. Each one has been designed, painted, and tested to exacting standards.

These baits use US made stainless steel split rings, Worth oval tie line rings, and premium KVD Triple Grip treble hooks.

Our Premium Custom Painted Baits Collection selections retail for $14.99

We also offer (on a special order basis) all of these baits in a "bleeding" version that Clyde's Cranks is known for. These baits have blood red splatter, and incorporate red KVD Triple Grips and a custom tied dressed treble of Mylar and a red feather to enhance the "bleeding" effect.

Our Premium Custom Bleeding Baits collection selections retail for $19.99