Black Mamba Topwater Baits

The original "Black Mamba" popper is Clyde's Cranks' signature bait, and the product that inspired me to begin a business selling custom baits online. From its humble origins as a popper with a 2 3/4" gloss black body, blood red gill highlights, blood red hook, and a dressed treble of black squirrel tail and red feather, the Mamba has grown into a collection of five distinct topwater baits  all true to the original products roots of gloss black and red.

For 2022, we have gone OG, and re-introduced the Original Black Mamba Popper. I have managed to procure enough black squirrel tail for a production run of 100 Black Mamba poppers. While we may introduce other Black Mamba options, we'll need to see what the demand is for this bait before we choose what to do with the remaining materials.