Black Mamba Topwater Baits

The original "Black Mamba" popper is Clyde's Cranks' signature bait, and the product that inspired me to begin a business selling custom baits online. From its humble origins as a popper with a 2 3/4" gloss black body, blood red gill highlights, blood red hook, and a dressed treble of black squirrel tail and red feather, the Mamba has grown into a collection of five distinct topwater baits  all true to the original products roots of gloss black and red.

For 2024, we continue to offer the Original Black Mamba Popper, along with a few select top water variants into the Black Mamba Collection. We have managed to procure enough natural black squirrel tail for the current stock of Black Mamba baits, but the future of this collection is in question due to the lack of natural black squirrel tail. Baits are in production, your order will ship in early January 2024