Netcraft Pro Series Deep Diving Crankbait - Chrome Sassy Shad

Jann's Netcraft

Probe the depths with Netcraft's Pro Series Deep Diver Crankbait . The inventive design utilizes rotated hook eyes for increased hook ups and a Stainless Steel ball bearing rattle to create a distinct acoustic pitch throughout the water. In addition, The Pro Series Deep Diver Body features an internal weight transfer system, which generates long-distance, bullet-like casts. Raised 3d holographic eyes, gills and realistic paint finishes provide lifelike appearance. Diving 12-16 feet, this behemoth of a bait is 5” in length, and weighs a full ounce!. Finished product uses US made SS Split rings and blood red 4X strong VMC O'Shaughnessey trebles.  

This pattern is Chrome Sassy Shad 

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