Custom Bleeding "Little John MD" style Crankbait - Largemouth

Clyde's Cranks

Exclusive to Clyde's Cranks, this is a bleeding "Little John" style crankbait. Custom painted by Cory Van Vonderen, this bait has a beautiful holographic foil base, and is finished off with an incredibly tough clearcoat, this bait is not only beautiful, but a proven bass killer. The silent weight transfer system provides the distance and casting accuracy for this small profile bait. The lip design of the Little John gives it a tight wobble but enough action to aid in cover deflection. The tight wobble of the Little John allows you to cover water quickly and effectively. It is 2 1/2" long, and weighs 1/2 oz. The Little John is considered a medium diving bait and runs between 7 and 9 ft.

Our version incorporates the distinctive  blood splatters to give the appearance of an injured, bleeding baitfish. Finished off with US made stainless steel split rings and red Owner trebles to enhance the "bleeding bait look".  Available in 5 distinct baitfish patterns.

This pattern is Largemouth 

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