Custom Bleeding "Baby 1" Style Wakebait - Hot Perch

Clyde's Cranks

Exclusive to Clyde's Cranks, this is a bleeding "Baby 1" Style wakebait. This floating bait will wobble on the surface with a slow retrieval rate, and as you speed up retrieval, the bait will dive down to about 2 feet. The perfect bait for hot summer topwater action, or when the bass are in the shallows and not responding to a squarebill.

Custom painted by Cory Van Vonderen, this bait has a beautiful holographic foil base, and is finished off with an incredibly tough clearcoat, this bait is not only beautiful, but the number 1 choice in small wakebaits. It incorporates the distinctive BBbC  blood splatters to give the appearance of an injured, bleeding baitfish. Finished off with US made stainless steel split rings and red Owner trebles to enhance the "bleeding bait look" Available in 5 distinct baitfish patterns.

This pattern is Hot Perch.



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