Topwater Bonanza 2023!

During the month of July, you'll find special pricing on unique custom painted topwater baits. Every week, we'll feature a different style of topwater bait, each of which has it's own unique way of enticing bass to strike, resulting in that heart-racing explosion on the surface you've been waiting for all year long:



Week 1  "Dog  Walkers" - Their side-to-side "walk the dog" action entices bass to hit hard!



Week 2  "Poppers" - Just a twitch of the rod tip is all you need to make that irresistible POP! that drives bass crazy!



Week 3  "Wakebaits" - Their erratic motion just below the surface is perfect for overcast or slightly windy conditions. 



Week 4  "Prop Baits" - Everyone knows how that chopping and churning generated by these baits can result in extremely aggressive hits.



Stop back each week and see what we have in store for you!