Clyde's Classics

These baits are value packed custom painted baits that feature some of the most timeless patterns, and classic body styles. They all use US made stainless steel split rings and US made Eagle Claw Lazer trebles. Clyde's Classics are value priced at $8 each.

For the month of May, all Clyde's Classics Collection baits are just $5 each! Please be patient while we process your order, as we anticipate high demand! Things to consider:

1) We will ship weekly on Saturdays. You will receive an email with tracking info when your order ships.

2) We have stocked up on our inventory, but may run out of certain products. In these instances, we will paint new baits and restock inventory weekly. This may result in delay of your order being shipped.

3) We intend to fill every order and you have our assurances that orders made towards the end of May will ship no later than Saturday, June 18,