The latest updates for 2022

by Robert Waldo December 22, 2021

As we ring in a new year, there is plenty of change going on here at Clyde's Cranks. First and foremost, we have maintained the reduced prices on every Collection in the Clyde's Cranks family of offerings that was implemented in 2021! The Premium Baits Collection holds firm at $12, with a new, more detailed "candy" Premiums lineup that will retail for $15. The Clyde's Classics collection maintain their $8 price point. We continue to hold firm on the quality of product, in fact in many instances there have been enhancements to the baits. For instance, the Classics Collection has ditched the Chartreuse colored Lazer trebles in favor of a more traditional black nickel finish. This is all in the spirit of our desire to offer you a consistently competitively priced, quality product, day in and day out. 

We have also expanded selection of "Big Baits" and custom order specialty baits to include a small number of in-stock, custom painted baits. As in the past, this collection includes a variety of swimbaits, glide baits, and topwater bait blanks that you can have painted in virtually any pattern and color combination you desire. The pricing on these baits will vary based on the blank you choose and the complexity of the pattern you want painted, but generally speaking they run between $20 and $30 apiece. This is a great option for anyone looking to get into throwing larger baits, or for the angler who wants to add something unique to their growing selection of big baits.

Lastly, it appears that unfortunately, the Black Mamba Collection may be taking a hiatus in 2022. The lack of available black squirrel tail, and the discontinuation  of the VMC Sureset treble which give the Mamba it's distinct look, have forced us to take a hard look at this lineup. If the Mamba does stay, it will be in the form of a shout out to the original Black Mamba, which was factory painted 2.5" popper. It would be outfitted with a standard red VMC 9650 treble dressed in a black dyed squirrel tail with red feather. 

So, as we enter into our sixth year in business, we're doing our best to keep the momentum with our core product offerings, expand where we feel it makes sense, and to pare back where lack of supplies impact our ability to provide products


Robert Waldo
Robert Waldo