Exciting changes for 2021 at Clyde's Cranks

by Robert Waldo January 21, 2021

As we ring in a new year, there is plenty of change going on here at Clyde's Cranks. First and foremost, we have reduced prices on every Collection in the Clyde's Cranks family of offerings! 3 of the 5 offerings in the Black Mamba Collection have been reduced from $15 to $12. The entire Premium Baits Collection has been reduced from $15 to 12. The exciting new offerings in the Clyde's Classics collection have been reduced from $10 to $8. All of this without sacrificing any degree of quality of product, in fact in many instances there have been enhancements to the baits. We have made these price changes to be more in line with market prices for similar custom bait offerings, and to minimize the need to run promotional sales. In essence we want to offer you a consistently competitively priced product, day in and day out. 

You'll see that after two years of experimenting with our Clyde's Classics Collection that we have fine-tuned this collection to what has already been proven to be a highly desirable selection of classic crankbait styles in some highly effective patterns. It took us a while to home in on what would work in this collection, but the response of our customers to the new line-up indicates that we have found our niche. There is still a bit of fine tuning to do on the collection, so look for a few new additions/changes in the coming months. 

We have also added a selection of custom order specialty baits to the website. In the Custom Order Baits page, you will find a wide variety of swimbaits, glide baits, and topwater bait offerings that you can have painted in virtually any pattern and color combination you desire. The pricing on these baits will vary based on the blank you choose and the complexity of the pattern you want painted, but generally speaking they run between $20 and $30 apiece. Quite enticing for anyone looking to get into throwing larger baits, or for the angler who wants to add something unique to their growing selection of big baits.

Lastly, we have added a "Customer Catches" page, where we'll be posting customer submitted pictures of fish they have caught on Clyde's Cranks baits! Send us what you have to clydescranks@gmail.com, and we'll get them posted for you!

So that pretty much sums up some of the things we are doing here at Clyde's Cranks. We're excited to see where the business has come in these past four years and look forward to continuing to be your go to source for custom painted bass baits. 


Robert Waldo
Robert Waldo