We are open for business!

by Robert Waldo April 01, 2016

I am pleased to announce the official launch of the Blood Baits by Clyde eCommerce website. My vision was to create a website where I could offer the recreational fisherman custom, tournament quality baits at a reasonable price. Through a partnership with Jonathan Lockwood and Robert Weicker of Line Out Custom Tackle, today that vision becomes reality. BBbC now offers an exclusive line up of hand painted, custom baits that mimic an injured or bleeding baitfish.

All of the offerings in Blood Baits by Clyde’s “Custom Bleeding Baits” Collection have been carefully designed through a collaboration between me, Jonathan and Robert. Top quality blanks have been chosen and expertly painted and finished to Line Out Custom Tackle’s exacting standards. They are then outfitted with some of the best split rings and treble hooks available to the professional angler. BBbC and LOCT are very proud of what we have produced, and hope you find our efforts worthwhile.

In addition to the Custom Bleeding Baits collection, BBbC will be offering two additional lines of baits. The “Premium Baits” Collection is the result of thorough, personal hands-on evaluation of some of the highest quality, factory painted blanks on the market. The baits I have chosen for this collection would be found in even the most discriminating angler’s tackle box. Some even incorporate hand detailed blood red accents that are the signature of BBbC offerings. As with our Custom collection, these baits use only the finest split rings and treble hooks available. Our Recreational Baits incorporate some of the most proven and timeless bait designs, in unique factory finishes that are sure to entice a fish to strike. We use the same, high quality treble hooks as we do on our Custom and Premium collections to ensure that our product offerings at all levels are second to none.

In conjunction with the launch of the website, Blood Baits by Clyde is offering a 20% discount on your entire purchase (excluding shipping). Come check us out at www.bloodbaitsbyclyde.com

and browse through our three distinct Collections of Crankbaits, Jerkbaits and Topwater plugs for some of the best looking, best performing hard baits money can buy. All at prices every angler can afford.

Robert Waldo
Robert Waldo