Where Should I Fish Today?

by Bob Waldo April 26, 2016

For many of us bass fisherman, an outing typically entails prepping the boat the night before, meeting a friend at a convenient pickup location early in the morning (they are inevitably 15 minutes late arriving at the predetermined spot), and hauling the boat, gear, and two sleepy anglers to a body of water that's the better part of an hour away. Then you plop the boat in the water with all your rods and baits, spend 10 minutes trying to start a finicky motor, only to make your way across the body of water to spend the day cruising from spot to spot using a trolling motor, only to come up sunburnt and fishless at the end of the day. Despite the fact that we have many good outings over a season, this scenario is played out time and time again.

Some of my best experiences as a fisherman have been impromptu trips where I toss two rods in the car, and head off to a local retention pond, or the banks of a local lake, and spend an hour or two tossing topwater baits, cranks or soft plastics. The thrill of these excursions lies in the possibility of the bite just being ON that day. I’ve had days where it seemed like I could do nothing wrong, and bass hit on anything you toss at them. Whether it’s catching a dozen dinks, or landing a single 5 pounder, it’s a great feeling to just get up, go out, toss a line, and catch fish. No prepping the boat. No forgetting you didn’t put the drain plug in just as the boat slides off the trailer. No running out of gas when you swore you just filled up last trip. Just you, a coupla rods and a few baits over a peaceful 90 minute period. Don’t get me wrong, there will be days like this when you blank, but at least you didn’t spend 6 to 8 hours all for nothing.

So, “Where should I fish today?” you ask yourself? Just toss the rods in the car, and head for the local fishing hole. You’ll be happy you did. I guarantee it....


Bob Waldo
Bob Waldo